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DEAR DIARY:  Ghost Ship Harbor is civilization's last hope, at least that's what we're hearing.  It's the only opportunity for survival from the virus that has taken over, so we are heading there.  This virus has been spreading rapidly and can't be stopped.  It does terrible things to people, unspeakable things.  My heart hurts for all of the things I have seen and been through.  The only way to survive is to try and get as far away from it as possible.  That is why everyone is heading to the USS Salem docked in Quincy, MA.  The ship is waiting at the docks until October 31st and then it will be gone.  We have to get there before it leaves, it's our only hope.....

How do you contain a virus that's uncontainable? Step into Contagion where you will see the chaos of the virus outbreak and how humanity reacts.  It's not good....

Unfortunately the virus somehow made it on the the only ship that could save humanity.  You thought you were seeking safety and comfort by finally reaching the USS Salem.  That couldn't be further from the truth.

Ghost Ship Harbor is an immersive haunted attraction brought to you from the creator of the Fright Dome Las Vegas, Jason Egan and Immersive Productions based in Boston.  Last year Frightdome was ranked #2 on Travel Channels list of the scariest haunts in the US and #3 in USA today.  Now it's time to bring that world class attraction to New England!  We searched for a long time (4 years) to find a place that would be worthy of a creating a world class haunt.  The USS Salem is the perfect iconic location.  It is already haunted (ghost hunters did an episode on it in 2009), it's creepy in the middle of the day, and it's an amazing piece of history.  We are excited to bring this event to New England and will continue to work effortlessly in creating an event that will amazingly scary!  

Below is our amazing team of Paranormal Experts!  You might have recognized them from TV

Sam Baltrusis

Sam Baltrusis, author of the best-selling books "Ghosts of Boston" and "Ghosts of Salem," freelances for various publications and teaches journalism at Malden Access TV (MATV). He has been featured as Boston's paranormal expert on the Biography Channel's "Haunted Encounters." Baltrusis moonlights as a tour guide and launched the successful ghost tour, Boston Haunts, and has several books coming out in 2016 including "Haunted Boston Harbor" and "Paranormal Provincetown." Baltrusis has two books featuring the haunted USS Salem including "13 Most Haunted in Massachusetts" and "13 Most Haunted Crime Scenes Beyond Boston." The vessel has been bumped up to No. 2 in the award-winning author's most recent countdown.

Rachel Hoffman

Rachel Hoffman is the founder/creator of Paranormal Xpeditions and True Crime Paranormal and is the featured paranormal investigator on board the USS Salem, home to the world-class haunted attraction known as Ghost Ship Harbor in Quincy. Hoffman has been featured on multiple national TV shows including Paranormal Challenge and My Ghost Story. The PXP team on Ghost Ship Harbor includes a rotating crew of experienced investigators including Kassie Kreitman, Tina Storer. PXP is joined by John Brightman, founder of New England Paranormal Research, has been investigating for nearly a decade. John's childhood acted as the main inspiration, growing up in the Freetown State Forest, part of the Bridgewater Triangle of Massachusetts.


EAT-  We have different food options on the dock to choose from while you are here.  

Entertainment Tent-  We have a general admission tent as well as a special VIP section.  Enjoy a selection of beer and wine, soft drinks, and outdoor games in this area while recapping the chaos you just experienced.

Merch Shack-  visit our cool Merch Shack to get some Ghost Ship Harbor swag!

Don DeCristofaro
Don is a paranormal investigator with many years of experience, and an intimate knowledge of USS Salem.  He and the organization he founded, the Greater Boston Paranormal Associates, have been featured in numerous publications and have worked with some of the most well respected names in the field at some of the most sought after locations.  The GBPA has conversed with Nathaniel Hawthorne at the Old Manse in Concord, MA and photographed the nation’s first female serial killer at the Charleston (SC) City Jail.  Don was among the first to investigate the Salem, and between the naval and paranormal history of the ship is an unparalleled source of Salem’s dark past.

The Paranormal VIP Experience is an experience that encompasses many aspects of Paranormal.  It is lead by some of the best paranormal experts in the business (see bios below).  From the tools used to the first hand stories of paranormal activity on the ship, you will learn and possibly get to see for yourself how haunting the USS Salem can be.  The Paranormal VIP Experience is a half hour experience where you will dive into the history of the paranormal beginnings of the USS Salem.  After you will be able to go into one of our ouija rooms to try and contact ghosts through hi tech paranormal equipment.  Lastly you will enter our seance room where our entertaining medium will attempt to contact some of the ghosts with old world equipment.  (Please note that it is not guaranteed that we will find ghosts to connect with.  Because this is not a scripted experience, every experience is different and we will modify the experience based on the reaction of our surroundings).